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Decentralized Archival Storage

The StratiSTOR DAS utilizes the StratiSTOR platform for a decentralized archival solution.  

StratiSTOR DAS leverages decentralized architecture, making it inherently more secure. Your archived data is distributed across a network of nodes, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring data integrity.


Archival nodes maintain complete historical data, preserving all past states and transactions from the initial record to the present. This comprehensive historical data set is critical for auditing, research, and compliance purposes.

The StratiSTOR platform is truly hardware independent. You can experience the full range of benefits and features that StratiSTOR provides, all while securely storing your data on a decentralized network. 

Advantages for Archival Cloud

Cost Effective

StratiSTOR DAS offers a more cost-effective solution compared to the majority of cloud providers and traditional on-premises tape infrastructure

Highly Scalable

Tailored for the expansion of data in the future, the StratiSTOR platform delivers petabyte-scale storage that is designed for seamless scalability

  • Verifiable

  • Peer-to-Peer Protocols

  • Replication

  • Data Fragmentation

  • Encryption



A decentralized infrastructure integrates redundant backup storage with daily verification and inherent immutability to optimize data protection

Always On

Your archived data is readily accessible whenever you require it, whether for reference or backup purposes, we ensure its availability

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