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The new era of digital defense

InfiniVault™ is a fully managed, highly-secure, cloud-backed virtual data protection appliance which can run in any public or private cloud infrastructure.

When deployed for use within an infrastructure, it presents itself as a common storage device, such as a NAS or a SAN via secure universal network protocols (i.e. SMB, NFS, iSCSI, NVMeoF and S3). Accessing the InfiniVault™ over these protocols makes it compatible with any operating system or application.

When deployed for use over the internet, it presents itself via a secure drag-and-drop web based interface. This provides a very convenient and familiar way to protect any type of data.

InfiniVault™ Features

  • Provider and/or geography diverse

  • Zero-trust framework throughout

  • Live person multi-factor authentication

  • Non-disruptive scaling

  • Zero-day defense

  • Live workload support

  • Protects OneDrive, Google Drive, many more

  • Protects O365 Mail, GMail and many more

InfiniVault™ Benefits:

  • Fully provisioned and managed

  • Completely software based

  • Cloud backed with no egress fees

  • Static and affordable monthly cost

  • Nothing to learn or operate

  • Scale on-demand to unlimited capacity

  • No more migrations or refresh cycles

  • Compatible with all operating systems

Problems Solved:

  • Eliminates need for physical storage resources

  • Eliminates storage refresh cycles

  • Eliminates managing complexities of the cloud

  • Eliminates future capacity concerns

  • Eliminates cost fluctuations and uncertainty

Common Use Cases:

  • Protect any backup archive data (i.e. Veeam)

  • Protect file server and database data

  • Protect virtual machine images

  • Protect live workloads for instant recovery

  • Protect WORM archives indefinitely

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